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Auctions Every Wednesday @ 1:00 PM


Bloomsburg Auto Auction is a Dealer Only Auction


 We Now Accept!


You can now list your cars on OVE and Dealer Block at BAA.

Get your numbers now!



This week we are excited to announce that we will have


Towne Motors

Toyota Hyundai


Ford Honda

Chevrolet Cadillac of Bloomsburg

Coming Soon

Dover Dodge










We at Bloomsburg Auto Auction look forward to meeting new customers and continuing to serve our current customers.





*Free Registration

*Free Shipping and Wash and Vac (4 or more drivable units within 75 miles)



Don Wall Don's Auto Sales and Service


BAA staff is one of the most helpful out of all the auctions that I’ve been to.  Their prices are the best of all the auctions.  I would rate this auction a 9 out of 10, everyone should check it out.


Ron Dudinski Lance Motors

I just want say you are great. I have never been treated so well at an auction. Everyone was more than nice. I believe you have a great opportunity to prosper. You have employees that are friendly and care. I will do all I can to be good customer and will promote you. Thanks



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