Dealer Only Auction

Auctions are held every Wednesday at 1PM. You can now list your cars on OVE and Dealer Block.

Free Registration

Every vehicle! Every time!

This Week We Have New Car Trades From

  • Independence Auto Group
  • Murray Mazda
  • W&L Subaru
  • Fitzpatrick & Lambert
  • Regester Chevy
  • Sands Ford
  • Bloom Chevy
  • Zimmerman Enterprises

Free Pick-Up

With registration of 4 or more driveable units within 75 miles. Trucking available at $1 per mile per vehicle

Free Wash and Vac

Our detail team will ensure your car is ready to hit the road!

Velocicast is here!

Post Sale Inspections are now available!

There will be a $10 pickup fee per vehicle when we pick-up less than 4 driveable units.
This fee will be refunded for any sold units.

There will be a minimum return charge of $15 per vehicle we return from the auction.

Gas and Oil will be charged as neeeded on top of any transportation fees.

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Edge Pipeline
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