Auction Policies

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Bloomsburg Auto Auction Inc. Polcies: Last Updated 12/08/2017

  • Bloomsburg Auto Auction Inc. is for licensed and registered dealers only.
  • The licensed and registered dealer will be held responsible for all business transactions under his company name at Bloomsburg Auto Auction Inc. All changes of ownership, authorized representatives, banking facilities, addresses and telephone numbers must be reported to Bloomsburg Auto Auction Inc.
  • NO RETAIL CUSTOMERS – Any dealer that is found with a retail customer may have their auction privileges revoked.
  • Any and all vehicles purchased or sold on auction premises must be reported and transferred through the Bloomsburg Auto Auction Inc office.
  • All vehicles are sold according to lights and announced conditions only. The auction assumes no responsibility for verbal commitments. Personal checks and drafts are not accepted.
  • No vehicle is authorized to leave the auction grounds unless it is accompanied by a validated gate pass. All vehicles are subject to inspection.
  • The auction reserves the right to refuse the sale of any vehicle on which a vehicle ID plate appears marred or is in any way altered. All vehicles may be subject to investigation by Pennsylvania State Police and the National Theft Bureau.
  • All vehicles must have a visible manufacturer issued vehicle ID or an assigned state issued vehicle ID.
  • This auction is not a party to the contract of sale, which is between the seller and buyer only. Any odometer discrepancy is not the responsibility of the auction but is between the buyer and seller, and is the sellers responsibility.
  • Odometer readings must be in mileage, not kilometers.
  • Titles must be presented at the counter by close of business on sale day or announcement of T/A (Title Absent) must be made when the car is sold on the block. A service fee will be charged on all T/A vehicles sold at auction.
  • Vehicles sold T/A – any vehicle announced and sold T/A is subject to turn down if the title is not presented to the auction within 3 auctions from the day of sale.
  • Buyers are cautioned not to sell or spend money on T/A (Title Absent) vehicles until the title is received. Neither the auction nor the seller will be held responsible for repairs on T/A purchases. Seller will be held responsible for transportation charges to return a sold vehicle when a negotiable title is not presented to Bloomsburg Auto Auction Inc within the T/A policy time frame.
  • No vehicles may be sold without a negotiable title.
  • All “SOLD OUTSIDE” transactions MUST HAVE CROSSED THE BLOCK FIRST and, must be processed through the Bloomsburg Auto Auction Inc management.
  • Bloomsburg Auto Auction Inc will not sell any uncertified Grey Market vehicles.
  • Bloomsburg Auto Auction Inc will not sell any vehicle with repo papers.
  • A service fee of $100.00 will be charged on all returned checks.
  • Dealers may not stop payment on a check.
  • ALL units must be paid for by the close of business on sale day or a $100 fee will be added.
  • Vehicles left for 14 days or more will be charged $35.00 per day storage.
  • Because ownership of the vehicle or its accessories is never transferred to Bloomsburg Auto Auction Inc, the auction does not assume responsibility for any theft or damage to it. The titled owner of the stolen or damaged property must make claim to his or her insurance company. Any vehicle and or personal property left on the premises is done so at owner’s own risk.
  • Titles with the following defects will not be accepted: alterations and erasures, incorrect VIN, improper reassignments, and missing signatures.
  • All “IF” sales are one-way from the seller to the buyer. “IF” sales are binding on the buyer for 60 minutes from the time of purchase at the block.
  • The decision of auction management shall be final in all disputes. The auction reserves the right to void any transaction and/or refuse service to anyone.
  • If a vehicle is being offed for sale by a third party, the legal owner of the vehicle must be disclosed by the seller prior to the sale. Disclosure requirements and time limits are subject to local auction policy.
  • The auction will not arbitrate vehicles based on any unintentional errors or omissions of any promotional information related to the vehicle, walk-around, handouts, catalogues, vehicle markings, or vehicle listings as they are for the convenience of the buyer and are not to be relied upon as accurate or complete.