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Bloomsburg Auto Auction inc. was founded by John and Heather Vance. John has been an auctioneer since 1989 specializing in auto auctions. He has worked for Manheim, Adesa, and ADT chains along with various independent auctions over the past 25 years. Through those years he has found systems and procedures that work and have not worked and new ideas yet to be tried. Heather has been involved with the household auctions for the past 20 years and is looking forward to the new challenges ahead. Our goal is to give you the dealer the best service possible, maximizing your bottom line while minimizing your time at the auction.

BAA staff is one of the most helpful out of all the auctions that I’ve been to. Their prices are the best of all the auctions. I would rate this auction a 9 out of 10, everyone should check it out.

Don Wall | Don's Auto Sales and Service

I just want say you are great. I have never been treated so well at an auction. Everyone was more than nice. I believe you have a great opportunity to prosper. You have employees that are friendly and care. I will do all I can to be good customer and will promote you. Thanks

Ron Dudinski | Lance Motors

Bloomsburg Auto Auction - John Vance

John Vance

Owner and Auctioneer

Call John at 570-336-6764
Email John at jvance@bloomaa.com

Bloomsburg Auto Auction - Heather Vance

Heather Vance

Co-owner and Titles/Dealer Registration

Call Heather at 570-784-2306
Email Heather at info@bloomaa.com

Bloomsburg Auto Auction - Debbie Fink

Debbie Fink

Office Manager

Call Debbie at 570-784-2306
Email Debbie at dfink@bloomaa.com

Bloomsburg Auto Auction - Jim Vance

Jim Vance


Call Jim at 570-784-2306

Bloomsburg Auto Auction - Jim Hopkins

Jim Hopkins

Dealer Representative

Call Jim at 570-772-3456

Bloomsburg Auto Auction - JD Vance

JD Vance

Dealer Representative

Call JD at 570-317-0497
Email JD at jdvance@bloomaa.com

Bloomsburg Auto Auction - Teresa Gordner

Teresa Gordner

Transportation Manager

Call Teresa at 570-784-2306

Bloomsburg Auto Auction - Dixie Vance

Dixie Vance

Auction Greeter

Call Dixie at 570-784-2306
Email Dixie at dixie@bloomaa.com

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